Fayette just might be Heaven

You could probably convince me that I’d died and am now in Heaven. Except for the dopey preacher outside this computer lab singing Marquritaville. Hmm…maybe it’s…nah. Oh, no. Now he’s singing Leaving on a Jet Plane. Dear God…I’m sorry…I repent. Take me back.

Fayette is really blissful this time of year. I find it very hard to put into words. It’s a gift from God plain and simple. I haven’t blogged from Fayette this year because we’re not in a dorm that has a computer lab. We’ve only gotten over here a couple times this week.

It actually seems just like one big day when I’m up here. I jump out of bed at 7:00 am everymorning and don’t get back to the room till about 11:00 – 12:00 every night.

Well, three teenage girls just busted into my bliss and informed me that we’re going to Dairy Queen. Talk to you later.

Quick posting

I wouldn’t blame anyone for not checking/reading this blog anymore. If I didn’t want to write it, why would anyone want to read it? But, having said that, tonight; a turning of the page.

Emily’s graduation party just ended, the last few details of our house-inspection seem to be on the way to being ironed out, and I leave for Science Camp in the morning. I am, as usual, very much looking forward to my week in Fayette. I’ll be blogging from there, like I did last year. The curriculum is pretty much the same as last year; I’ll be speaking on Darwin/Evolution like I do every year. We’re going to add some biology stuff this year. I think we’re going to grow some germs or something.

Well, seeing how it’s late and I haven’t packed a single thing yet, I’d better get moving. I’ll keep you posted.

Substitute Blogger

In case you’re checking this blog and see this comment, I just wanted to tell you that Rich and I have a lot going on these days. Emily has just graduated from high school, and we’ve been pretty busy with events up till the big day which was Thursday.

Rob & Susan: I just found out you didn’t get your card because for some reason it got stuck to the mail going to our church and ended up there instead. Kind of weird since I didn’t send an announcement to church.

Rich has just been too busy to write these days, and I miss not seeing something new. Also, we’ve been pre-occupied because we have a contract on a house and will be closing on it on June 24th! Our new address will be 6410 Center Court, St. Louis, MO 63116. We drive by it all the time to look at it and hope the neighbors don’t notice our car up and down the street a lot. I told Marty that we must really be adults now because Emily is going off to college and a lender is actually going to give us a loan to buy a house. Sorry for the long comment. If I knew how to post on Rich’s Blog, I would be there. I’ll get him to show me, and will take over for him. I’m sure that after a few days of reading my stuff, it will inspire him to jump back in. Got to go, I hear him coming! – Annette