We the pee…

barneyfife.jpgWe the pee…pul; We the pee-pul! That’s what I think about when I think about Don Knotts. There are so many, of course. But, that episode where Barney goes through the entire Preamble without remembering a single word; well, it just doesn’t get any better. Don Knotts died yesterday at age 81. That same day I received a birthday card from Jennifer. A Barney Fife birthday card, that is. Barney on the envelope and on the card. It was special.

Yes, my birthday is Monday, the 27th. Tonight, we spent a quiet evening at Becky’s with just Mom, Russ and Becky & Steve. It was very nice. This morning, at his request, I picked up my Dad for church. Methodist Church, that is. He usually attends with Judy at her Catholic service, but she was out of town so he wanted to come with us.

No special plans for tomorrow. I have three lessons in the evening; that pretty much fills the whole night. In fact, everyday this week is booked already. Wed. is Ash Wed. already! I can’t believe it. Spring and baseball are not far behind.

Thanks to all who sent well wishes for my birthday. I’m sorry for not writing more. Here’s a couple of old blog entries when I referenced Barney or Mayberry:

Spring is Here from March 19, 2004

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It’s time you gave a listen

Alison Krauss + Union Station land 3 (more) Grammys!
- Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal
- Best Country Instrumental Performance
- Best Country Album

If you’re saying to yourself, “I gotta get me some of that,” allow me to help. Start with one of her older tunes I’ve Got That Old Feeling from the CD of the same name. Then, also from that disc, It’s Over. Then jump to Ghost in This House from Forget About It. If that one doesn’t get you, then just stop, there’s no need to go any further, you must be dead. But, if you’re still alive go ahead listen to The Lucky One from New Favorite. She singing this song to me, though I’ve told her repeatedly that I’m a happily married man, but I thanked her nonetheless.

Reuters called her “Queen of the Grammys,” because of her record 20 awards at the young age of 34.

Giant steps are what you take

OK, you guessed it; I’m listening to the Police. I finally figured out a way to import all of Emily’s itune folders into my itunes. Now, mind you, I let most of them be, but she had some good ones. Music she learned to like from her old man. Beatles, Dylan, etc.

News today from Apple about another new IPod Nano. I just might have to get me one of those. Right after I get my laptop, that is.

We watched Saturday Night Live the other night. Musical guest was Prince. I have to admit, he was awesome. Really, really good. Speaking of his first song: just a good old fashion rock song. He was playing the part of classic rock guitar hero which he’s quite adept at. Derivative? Sure, but honestly, the simple construction and execution of the song was refreshing if only because I’m tired of seeing the angst-ridden falsetto-singing faces of the twenty-somethings that usually take up space on SNL. His second song he acted as back-up to a girl named Tamara. I don’t know what her story is yet; I couldn’t find much about her on the web. It was a Christian song from what I could tell.

We also started watching Love Monkey on CBS. It’s a great show. Tom Cavanagh of Ed fame stars as a Music Producer. Well, just watch it, you’ll like it.

I miss Dover Place

Had a special request to write something tonight…so, I’ll try. Writer’s block? Nah, you’d have to be a writer to have that. Too busy? No more than usual. Nothing to say? Now, you may have something there.

If my writing cannot edify the reader, I’m not interested in taking the time. I’ve realized that I’m much more effective at this on a verbal plane; whether it be conversation, debate, lecture, even singing. One of the things I realized about moving away from Dover Place was that all the conversation with the gang out on the porch used to stimulate my writing. For example, after my last entry, Tim picked up on the subject and expounded on it in his blog. That, in turn, got me thinking about it even more, and typically I would have followed up the next night with another entry going further with my point. But, I didn’t get to actually talk to him or anyone else about it, so it just kinda drifted away.

Edification? Entertainment? Amusement? All worthy goals. Poetry come to mind when I think of bringing all these together. I’m not very good at poetry. But I’m pretty good at teaching people about poetry and what it means. They usually don’t know I’m talking about it, the word throws them. I typically leave out words like poetry, myth, metaphor, etc. You somehow have to teach people about the thing, using only words that point to the thing. Like a game, I guess. A game I’m interested in only if it can enlighten and improve your life.

OK, I admit, I’m having a blast with my i-tunes. I’ve got the craziest mix of music on this thing you’ve ever heard. Right after Allison Krauss comes Alice Cooper. By the way, did you know that Allison has 17 Grammy Awards?! That’s gotta be a record of some sort. (Most by any female?)

I’ve got 3 guitar students each week, they keep me on my toes. Aside from that, a friend is learning the fiddle, so he wants to learn “Ashokan Farewell.” (The Civil War song.) It’s nice to just search for it on itunes, download it, and start listening to it; all within the space of a minute or two. How did I ever get along without it?