Blogging on the outside

Today, I blog from the outside. Right outside my house, that is. Yes, my darling daughter has returned from school and with her she has brought her laptop computer with its wireless internet. So, here I sit on the veranda (south-side driveway), enjoying the spring weather by sharing my thoughts with you; my gentle readers.

The only thing missing from this experience is a couple of real human beings. And a front porch. Hmmm….

The Boy That Looked Like a Girl

me_and_killer0.jpgFirst off, this is another scan of an old picture. This is me and by beloved Killer shortly after we were married. Me and Annette, that is, not me and Killer; though most times I’m sure Killer believed she was married to me. Annette already had this great apartment in Richmond Heights and I moved in there after the wedding.

This was the shortest my hair had been, well, since just about the time of that last picture. Marty was telling me how much she enjoyed the picture and that Wally couldn’t pick me out of the group and that got me reminiscing about the old days. The good ol’ days of the boy who looked like a girl.

I guess my favorite story is of the time, I’d guess also around the time of that last picture, that me and my dad and his best bud Kim went deer hunting. Now we did this every year for awhile during that era, and this time we’d stopped in a small-town diner for something to eat. I had to go to the bathroom, so when the waitress approached our table, I asked where the restrooms were. She proceeded to tell me where the girls bathroom was. I said thank you very much and did not get up.

The two men across from me were now shaking with jovial bliss. “Go ahead and go to the bathroom…” they said. “Be sure to turn right and not left…”

“No thanks,” I said. I waited until we were done with our meal then I went outside, went into the alley and peed on a wall like a man. I guess because we were carrying high-powered rifles with us, I really didn’t feel emasculated. Actually, I look back in fondness to that moment because I was “with the guys.” I could bear to be the brunt of a joke as long as I was included in the gang. We had many trips like that one, and in case you’re wondering, we never shot a deer. The very first year me and my dad stopped going, Kim got one.

The old gang

thekids.jpgWe needed a new inkjet printer, so I went ahead and bought one that scans too. This is an old picture. My dad has two sisters, Michelle (Mickey) and Beth (now deceased.) These are “the kids” circa 1970. On the couch are Becky, slouching in her lap is Amy. In the middle is Lisa and then Carrie. Seated on the floor, left to right is Scott, Kenny, some hippe kid that everyone thought was a girl but was really a boy, and then my darling little sister Jennifer. I’m happy to say that we all turned out pretty good.