Report from Monopoly 2007

I promised Jennifer I’d give her a report on how the New Year’s Eve Monopoly game went. Present were the perennials: John, Gene, Jim & Scott. There was yours truly, of course, and one cub. His name is Steven. Steven Tanner, son of Scott. He’s 13 years old and I’m happy to say he was victorious in the first game of the night. With hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place he made quick work of the whole gang. The second game was won by Scott, son of Gene. I was the first out in both games, of course.

Jen suggested I get a stiff drink before the game to possibly adjust my attitude. I did try that, but alas, to no effect. I guess if it’s possible to care less than I already did; that might have happened.

All is right with the world, though and fun was had by all. A couple of men stayed upstairs to play card games and they were not ashamed. Midnight struck, we all said our Happy New Years, and then went home. Happy New Year to all…