Girls love a man in uniform

Lois Robert and Alice Emily Sailor and Maria

I was scanning a bunch of pictures for a dvd that I’m making for Mother’s Day and when I came across the one on the left there it reminded of the one on the right.

On the left that’s my Aunt Lois, Uncle Russ and Mom (Alice) about 1942 I’m guessing.

On the right is Emily, bronze sailor and Maria. This is from one of our trips to the Pensacola Naval Air Museum. I just realized that this picture was four years ago when Maria was heading to college and Emily was heading into her senior year of high-school. Now, we just received an invitation to Maria’s college graduation and Em is heading into her last year of college. Yikes!

Check your pulse

If this doesn’t take your breath away, check your pulse. (Hint if your connection isn’t the fastest: Hit play, and after a second or two hit pause.Then let the video load for minute or two and hit play again.)