Redbirds close out a good year

Well, it’s all over. The Astros convincingly beat the Cardinals in 6 games of the NLCS and they’re on their way to their first ever World Series. They’re a class team and I’ll be rooting for them in the Series.

I guess the poignancy of the end of Busch Stadium, the only stadium I’ve ever known, somewhat overshadows the loss and the end of the season. There’ll be another season; just not in this ballpark. My dad put some perspective on it the other day when he commented that he remembers feeling like this over the old Sportsman Park, but then he realized that the Cardinals had more years in this Busch Stadium than the old park. Turns out he may be off by a couple of years, but his point hit home with me. Ball parks, like most everything in this life, come and go; it’s just a building. Kinda like a church. It’s time for a new generation to capture some new memories in the new ballpark.

We’re lucky here in St. Louis; we have a good team most every year; I can’t complain.

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