Religion vs. Anti-Religion

Make no mistake, folks who want to see the Ten Commandments taken out of every civil building in the country are not non-religious; they are anti-religious. And, there’s a big difference between the two. Non-religious people do not believe in God. God doesn’t exist, He/She/It didn’t create the world, nor do they, or have they, ever interceded in history. Obviously not, if they don’t exist. But, if people really believe this, then they can be said to have a belief system. We call these belief systems Religion. So, really, they are religious, just not in the way that I am. That’s great.

Then there are the anti-religious people. These are folks who think that religion is bad and should be destroyed; wiped away from history once and for all. These people, I believe, are, in fact, very religious. We might call them fundamentalist. They believe so strongly in their system that all other systems need to be done away with. Like a Crusade or a Jihad you might say.

Well I think the Supreme Court has had enough. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll remember a point in the proceedings last week when all the Justices looked up from their benches at a frieze of Moses holding the Ten Commandments! The argument is that they are such a part of our civilization, that they now have a “secular” value.

I’m just sick of hearing about it. You don’t have to be constitutional scholar to know that a founding tenet of this country is Religious Freedom. And that the idea of Religious Freedom is borne of a Reformed Christian World view. We should all thank whatever God/Non-God we believe in that we live in a country with such freedoms, and shut-up about the Ten Commandments!

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