Religious Holiday in St. Louis

Yes, people stopped working and were nice to each other, bosses left early, trials were recessed; everyone just took a break today from their daily grind to take in the 1st play-off game between the Cardinals and the Padres. While listening to the game on the radio, the fans were roaring so loud, they were drowning out the announcers. It’s the last post-season that will ever be played at the beautiful post-modern Busch Stadium and we all hope it will last until the end of October when the Redbirds will win their 10th World Championship under the steady hand of #10 Tony LaRussa. (Watch for the movie about Tony based on the book Three Nights in August.)

It would be hard to describe the atmosphere in St. Louis during these times if one was not familiar with it. One of the women I work with is a devout Muslim and she wore a big bright red Cardinal T-shirt today. Very unusual.

The Cardinals won against the hapless Padres; it was 8-to-1 most of the game but then in the top of the 9th they had the winning run at the plate. And then they lost. So sad.

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