The Beatles reunite for my birthday

I don’t know how she did it, but Annette got all 4 Beatles together at the Pageant last Saturday night to perform for my birthday. And, just so you know, apparently the Paul is Dead rumor is true. I overheard the T-shirt lady say that Paul (she called him Gary to try to cover it up) went home sick. She then said that they had to call in another Paul and he would be playing tonight. However, I saw a mini-van parked outside with the license plate MCRTNY so I’m quite sure he was there. Or was he?

Seriously though, we went to see 1964 – The Tribute down at the Pageant in the Loop last Saturday. Emily went with us and she just had a blast. I was thinking about it: I could do without the costumes etc.; the music as it was played by the Beatles, i.e. on the original instruments stands on its own. I was very impressed with “George” and his Carl Perkins guitar. It was turned up loud and it carried the songs. The power of the pop-song came through; guitar, bass and drums – that’s it. Great melody, great beat, great vocal harmonies; do you need anything else? I think not.

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