The last Post-season at Busch Memorial Stadium

I’m sitting here listening to the Cards/Cubs game and get this: The Cards are leading 6 to 1, there’s 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded for the Cubs and the umpires called a rain delay. That’s crazy. But, hey, this is a crazy year. It’ll be the last year for Busch Memorial Stadium and everybody is hoping we’ll see World Championship #10 played there. I’m not sure how the guy who’s responsible for erecting the new stadium by next summer feels about it though. He’ll implode the old stadium the minute the season is over which could be in October.

Mike Shannon said something during the game tonight that struck me as true. He was commenting on how the Cardinals have played this entire season with intensity. He posited that it might be because of the bitterness “in their bellies” left from the World Series last year. I nodded toward the radio in agreement. “Yeah,” I thought, “us too.” We’re ready for a real World Series. We were more than happy to oblige history and let the Red Sox win their one-per-century world championship, but not this year. This is our year.

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