World Series Winner!


I know the series didn’t get the high TV ratings; nothing unusual about that, it just St. Louis after all. Just the team with more World Series wins than all but the Yankees. But here in Cardinal country, well, it just doesn’t get any better. The final out of the series with the Mets was simply out of this world. A cold rain was falling all night long. It was game 7 of the National League Championship and the winner will go the World Series. Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, our young closer on the mound and Carlos Beltran at the plate. There are two outs but a base hit ties the game. An extra base hit sends the Mets to the World Series and our season is over. The final pitch was one of the best curve-balls you’re ever likely to see and Beltran could just watch as it fell in as a called strike. Wow, it’s a moment I’ll never forget. For fun read St. Louis Cardinals apologize for winning the World Series…

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